The education and training of early childhood caregivers/educators is strongly correlated with favorable outcomes for young children in early care and education programs. To ensure effective transfer of what is learned in training into the workplace, the Training into Practice Project (TIPP) seeks to support the development of training transfer partnerships by providing support to four key players in the training process: the trainer, the trainee, the trainee's workplace, and the training organizations that organize and sponsor early childhood training throughout Kentucky.

The Council for Professional Recognition goal is to meet the growing need for qualified early child care and education staff, the Council administers the Child Development Associate® (CDA) National Credentialing Program. The CDA Program is designed to assess and credential early childhood education professionals. The Council recognizes and credentials professionals who work in all types of early care and education programs - Head Start, pre-k, infant-toddler, family child care, and home visitor programs. The Council sets policies and procedures for assessment and credentialing, publishes the Competency Standards and other materials used for CDA credentialing, and administers the assessment.

The Division of Child Care supports quality child care through programs and plans that promote the improvement and expansion of statewide child care services and resources. The division also provides program coordination for subsidy payments, coordination of professional development and training and develops policy and procedures.

The Division of Regulated Child Care is responsible for licensing and investigating complaints against child day care programs, residential child caring facilities and child-placing agencies. The division also is responsible for certifying and investigating complaints against certified family child care homes.

The Early Childhood Advisory Council (ECAC) was created to provide vision, leadership, oversight, collaboration, advocacy and accountability for the delivery of early childhood services to children from birth (including pre-natal services) to school entry.  The ultimate focus of the delivery of series is school readiness and child success.  The 26 members of the council are broadly representative of the early childhood profession and geographically diverse

KAECE is organized to serve and act on behalf of the needs and rights of all children and families, and to provide opportunities for the collaboration of individuals and groups who are concerned with appropriate early care and education of young children.

The Kentucky Department of Education is a service agency of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and therefore, serves the residents of this state. All Kentuckians have a stake in the educational success of public school students.

The Early Childhood Resources include materials and website links for many of imortant issues to parents and teachers of children ages birth to five. Some of the topics of interest to early childhood parents and educators include growth and development of infants, toddlers and preschoolers; understanding and working with children with disabilities; social/emotional growth; parenting skills; early literacy, school readiness; child care; transitions; curriculum; various early childhood programs; multiculturalism and diversity; the art; brain development; materials and supplies.

The Governor’s Office of Early Childhood was created acting on recommendations by the Governor’s Task Force, charging the GOEC with all of the duties of the KIDS NOW Initiative and to provide administrative support to the Early Childhood Advisory Council (ECAC). 

Kentucky Head Start Association, Inc. represents the interests and concerns of Kentucky's 32 Head Start and 12 Early Head Start Grantees who provide services to more than 17,400 low income children and their families throughout the Commonwealth. KHSA's 10,274 members include local programs, administrators, staff, parents, friends, life members and corporate members.

Certified Family Child Care/Type II/Registered Early Childhood Professional

FCCN has specialists across the state to assist in all aspects of opening and maintaining homes for regulated child care. The FCCN provides technical assistance and training. Email FCCN or call toll free (800) 621-5908 to reach the correct specialist in your area.

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