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Please EMAIL your Individual Training Form and Certificates. We are not able to notify all users when a fax is only partially received because the information on the faxes does not always indicate the sender. Please EMAIL your certificates along with the current Individual Training Form -

IMPORTANT NOTICE about Certificates

We currently have a higher volume of credit records for certificates and credit files from training agencies because of upcoming end of fiscal review year. These are awaiting processing and we ask that you allow up to 30 days processing time from date you submitted your certificates. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to look through all of the pending forms. If you are unsure if training counted, check the Calendar/Approved Training area for the course title.

Tutorials and Tip Sheets

Tutorials and Tip Sheets


Resources about TRIS and how this registry works for early education quality learning of teachers and children in Kentucky.

ECE-TRIS is Kentucky's Unified Professional Development Registry for Licensed Programs, Registered Providers, Certified Homes, Head Start, and Public School programs. The purpose of the videos is to provide superintendents, administrators, community partners, and directors in early childhood with knowledge of the resources available within ECE-TRIS to meet their professional development, planning, evaluation, reporting, and monitoring needs.

Instructions and Tip Sheets

Summary for Calculating Clock Hours for Existing and New Staff

Professional Development Coaches, located throughout the state, provide information about and access to early childhood scholarships, credentials, awards, and inform the early care and education community of other available Professional Development opportunities.

Contact information for the Child Care Aware Training Coach in your area. 

Instructions for requesting Division of Child Care approval for college coursework hours. 

Allowing a date and time specific webinar based on a program. 

This document will explain what a digital badge is and how to obtain one!

This document is for potential Kentucky Credentialed Trainers and provides instructions for completing the required ECE-TRIS Data Entry training.

Facility/Provider Contacts will have access to several facility related reports in ECE-TRIS that are summarized in this document.

This document provides instructions on finding early care and education clock hour training approved by the Division of Child Care (DCC) that’s meets the early care and education clock hour training requirements for licensed, certified, and registered Early Care and Education providers, STARS Quality Rating System, and the Commonwealth Child Care Credential and Kentucky Early Care and Education Trainer’s Credential. 


Please see the attached Tip Sheet to assist you in transitioning training to web based delivery methods during the COVID-19 pandemic. There are many teachers seeking online opportunities while their programs and schools are closed so we will want to provide you with additional guidance to meet that demand. Staff from the Division of Child Care, Child Care Aware, and ECE-TRIS have collaborated on this document that provides best practices for online learning and instructions for assigning credit.

Employer contacts are able to remove staff no longer with your center. First, login, then click on the Employer Information area. This instruction tip sheet will assist you!

Follow steps in this Tip Sheet if you need assistance with login, or update your personal information, including submission of an employer update.

This document provides instructions for submitting your education, credential information and CPR and First Aid certification into ECE-TRIS.

Instructions for creating an ECE-TRIS account using the new online Register area. 

If it is an individual’s intention to earn early care and education hours, she/he should check the ECE-TRIS calendar to determine if the session has been reviewed and approved by DCC. A training not listed in ECE-TRIS can be entered by anyone in the training manager 30 days prior to the event for review. Training will be approved if all regulatory requirements have been met for submission and if training is aligned with core content that promotes and supports best practices and quality standards.

Along with your Child Care Aware Professional Development Coach, you can now complete an online application for a Division of Child Care scholarship/grant for qualified education expenses. 

This website will allow you to use your ECE-TRIS login information to upload forms, files and documents securely. 

Hire dates in TRIS can be confusing. There are hire dates self-reported and from KARES. New staff also have First Year Start dates. This tip sheet is to show how the different dates are used in reporting. 

There is now an area for you to upload training related forms to the Training Assign Credit Page. This Tip sheet will provide instructions on uploading the training detail cover page and the participant sign in sheet.

Division of Child Care Information

Policy and Regulation Documents

FAQ regarding asynchronous delivery of Orientation.

Child Care Collaboration Regulation Committee

Do you have a question about a child care regulation? The Child Care Collaborative Regulation Committee (CCRC) is led by the Division of Child Care and composed of representatives from the Division of Regulated Child Care, Child Care Aware, STARS for Kids Now, Kentucky Partnerships for Early Childhood Services and Child Care Health Consultants from the Department for Public Health. The CCRC convenes monthly to proactively address regulatory matters and systematically respond to early childhood professional questions concerning the health and safety of Kentucky’s children.


Send your child care regulation questions via email to:

922 KAR 2:240 - Kentucky's Early Care and Education Trainer's Credential and Training Approval Regulation. 

The Division of Child Care (DCC) may monitor training events and Kentucky Early Care and Education Credentialed Trainers for compliance with 922 KAR 2:240.  Per Kentucky Administrative Regulation 922 KAR 2:240 section 14 (1) “The cabinet shall revoke a Kentucky Early Care and Education Trainer’s Credential from a trainer who falsifies a record.”  TheDivision of Child Care will review and retain confidentiality of all reported complaint information.  An Early Care and Education provider or complainant, who, in good faith, suspects dishonest or fraudulent activity, should notify DCC and can do so anonymously.  Investigation results will not be disclosed or discussed with complainant and all information received remains confidential.

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