CHECK the CALENDAR before sending Certificates

You MUST check the calendar prior to completing conferences, online training or other events not conducted by a Kentucky Credentialed Trainer. This is necessary to make sure that the training you are considering is approved. Also, the calendar has a display for CREDIT PROCESS. This field will inform the participants if they must self-report. Certificates are only processed if the training is labeled as Self-Report.

Forms and Resources


Please submit this form for In-State or Out-of-State Conference found on the Calender Page with a Credit Process: Self-Report. Follow the instructions provided on the form and include additional documentation as requested. Please note, not all online trainings by any given agency are approved for all time.

This form is used to fill out an evaluation for a training.

Use this form to request a new child care facility to be added to the system.  The form may also be used to request a new contact be added to a facility.

Please Click on the Link above to print the Training Attendance Form Cover Page for Participants.  This is the cover page to be used with the Participant Sign-in sheet for trainings.     

Please Click on the Link above to print the Training Attendance Participant Sign-in Sheet. Remember to include a Cover Page with all trainings. Click here for the Spanish version.      

This document includes detailed descriptions of the training codes captured for each training session.  

This document provides the full text version of the Pediatric Abusive Head Trauma online training. 

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